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Discover the passion, challenges, and triumphs that fuel our mission.

Iain Valliere Winning Competition


In his hometown of Ottawa, a young Iain Valliere took his first steps into the world of bodybuilding in 2010, a journey sparked by a passion and vision far beyond the weights in his hands. From his early victories at the 2010 OPA Ottawa Championships to clinching his Pro card at the 2014 Amateur Olympia Mexico, Iain's path was marked by relentless dedication and a promise of greatness for his future in bodybuilding.

Iain Valliere Winning competition


The stage was set, and the world watched as Iain ascended from a promising amateur to a towering figure in professional bodybuilding. His triumphs at the 2020 New York Pro and the 2021 Tampa Pro were a testament to his indomitable spirit and the sweat and tears shed in the pursuit of excellence. With each competition, Iain sculpted his physique and his legacy, becoming a beacon of inspiration for aspiring bodybuilders worldwide.

Iain Valliere and Chris Bumstead Training


Iain ambition transcended the accolades of the bodybuilding world; it was rooted in a profound desire to empower others through fitness. Recognizing the transformative power of personalized training, Iain envisioned a platform that could bring elite bodybuilding strategies to everyone, regardless of their starting point. This vision gave birth to a groundbreaking fitness app, Fitnetic, blending Iain's deep well of bodybuilding knowledge with the precision of AI. Designed to tailor fitness and nutrition paths uniquely for each user, Fitnetic embodies Iain's belief in the accessibility of top-tier training, making the dream of achieving peak physical condition a reality for all.

fitnetic strength training app


As the app approaches its launch, the release symbolizes a new chapter in his mission to elevate fitness training. Iain's legacy, built upon years of competitive success and a dedication to the sport, now expands into the digital world. Through this app, his expertise and passion will continue to influence and inspire a global audience, democratizing high-level fitness training. Iain Valliere, once celebrated for his achievements on stage, now aims to be recognized for fostering a community united in the pursuit of health and strength, supported by the very essence of innovation.

Transform your strength training journey with Fitnetic! Fitnetic delivers a holistic fitness experience tailored to your goals, offering personalized workout and nutrition plans designed to empower you to reach your peak form.

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Iain Valliere Training

Personalized Workout Routine

Your Path to Peak Performance

Experience workouts designed for your body type, fitness level, and goals. From the weight room to the living room, our adaptive AI trainer crafts daily workout routines that evolve as you do, ensuring you're always challenged, never bored, and on track to your ideal physique.

fitnetic strength training app

Personalized Meal Plan

Fuel Your Fitness Journey

Get nutrition plans tailored just for you. Our AI-driven meal planner assesses your dietary preferences, restrictions, and fitness goals to create daily meal plans that nourish and satisfy you. Whether you're cutting, bulking, or maintaining, get delicious, balanced meals that align perfectly with your fitness journey.

fitnetic strength training app

Daily Updates

New Day, New Challenges

Wake up to fresh workout and meal plans every day. Our app recalibrates nightly, considering your progress, feedback, and readiness, to bring new challenges and dishes to your workout and table every morning. Stay engaged and excited with ever-changing content tailored to your fitness journey.

fitnetic strength training app

Progress Tracking

See Your Strength in Numbers

Track your transformation with powerful, intuitive progress tracking. Log workouts, meals, weights, and photos to watch your evolution over time. With our visual progress insights powered by machine vision, celebrate every milestone, from pounds lifted to pounds lost, keeping motivated and informed every step of the way.

fitnetic strength training app

Community Challenges

Participate in Events

The Fitnetic app challenges you in community events to stay fit and track meals. Think you can log your routine for 30 days in a row? Register for a chance to win exclusive perks!

fitnetic strength training app

Limited Access, Unlimited Potential

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